Odour Control System

Odour Control System

Rendering plants require a comprehensive odour control system to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. A Rendertech Odour Control System captures odorous streams at their source and removes them for treatment. Our design engineers consider the full odour control system and, as necessary, will supply correctly sized ducting, fans, condensers and evaporative cooling towers, as well as humidifiers and biofilters.

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Be a good neighbour
Treating odourous streams before discharge to atmosphere minimises environmental impacts due to odour.

Improved working environment
A rendering plant with a well designed and operating odour control system will provide a healthy working environment for your staff.

Natural treatment
Biofilters use naturally occurring micro-organisms living on organic matter (such as bark) to oxidise odourous compounds. Biofilters can be sized for treatment of any volume of air and are a very cost-effective method of odour removal. All leachate from the Biofilters is captured for treatment.

It is very important to pre-treat odour before it enters the Biofilter. Cooling the airstream removes volatiles and ensures the Biofilter does not overheat. When treating building ventilation air, the air must be humidified to prevent the Biofilter from drying out.

Each rendering plant is different and requires a different odour control system. We will design and specify each aspect of the odour control system to ensure you have an odour-free solution and that your plant is compliant with best environmental practice.


Collect vapours at source
A Rendertech ‘point sources’ collection system will collect vapours directly from each item of plant. These hot and moist vapours are cooled in a Waste Heat Condenser to remove heat and volatiles before they are ducted to a Biofilter for final treatment.

Regular air changes
Regularly changing the air inside the building keeps temperatures down and prevents fugitive emissions. Rendertech can design a system to discharge this ventilation air directly to atmosphere or treat it in a Rendertech Biofilter following humidification.

A Rendertech Biofilter complete with gas distribution and leachate collection system removes 95–99% of the odorous vapours.


  • Instrumentation 
  • Fans 
  • Evaporative cooling systems 
  • Hot water generation and boosting