The living organisms in a Biofilter live in a thin layer of moisture on the surface of the Biofilter media. If the bed dries out, the Biofilter becomes less effective, so it is important that the air going into a Biofilter is close to 100% relative humidity. The Rendertech Humidifier is designed to saturate the airflow into a Biofilter by spraying a fine mist of water into airstreams that need humidifying, such as building ventilation air.

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Corrosion-free materials
The Rendertech Humidifier is constructed from stainless steel, so it is not affected by corrosive airstreams.

Droplet eliminators
A droplet eliminator on the Humidifier outlet ensures that excess water drops are removed from the airstream and recycled back to the spray system.

Removes volatiles
The Rendertech Humidifier washes the airstream to remove particulates and soluble volatiles.