AgResearch (MIRINZ) Biofilter

AgResearch (MIRINZ) Biofilter

An AgResearch Biofilter is the best-practice solution for removing odour from airstreams. The gases are passed through a bed of fibrous material such as bark, where the odorous compounds are absorbed. These compounds are then broken down by microorganisms living on the bark. Rendertech hold the licence from AgResearch to design and install customised Biofilters to suit each application. Biofilters can be used to deodorise highly odorous concentrated sources, or lower-strength building ventilation air.

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Low operating cost
Biofilters require no chemicals or operator input; only periodic monitoring. An efficient gas distribution system is built into the base of the Biofilter to ensure even distribution through the media and to give a low back-pressure. This reduces the size of the fans required to feed airstreams into the Biofilter.

Environmentally friendly
Leachate management and removal is incorporated into the Biofilter design to ensure no leachate enters the groundwater. The porous design of the Biofilter ensures it is free-draining. Biofilters use only naturally occurring bacteria growing on natural materials to neutralise odours.

High odour removal
AgResearch Biofilters are proven to remove 95–99% of odours. The large surface area of bark provides effective odour removal.

Proven performance
The AgResearch Biofilter is the result of extensive research over several years. The refined design ensures optimum performance and reliable operation.


  • Odour pre-treatment systems, such as condensers
  • Biofilter fans
  • Complete odour systems