Press Dewatering System equipment designed and supplied to retrofit existing plant

Rendertech has recently supplied new Press Dewatering System (PDS) equipment to one of our long standing clients in New Zealand. The equipment was designed and supplied so that it can be retrofitted into an existing Bovine Rendering Plant.

The PDS process replaces the original MLTR (MIRINZ Low Temperature Rendering) style process.

Along with supplying equipment we provided technical assistance to help with the installation. Rendertech commissioned the plant.

The new Rendertech PDS process will:

  • simplify the operation of the plant
  • reduce energy consumption
  • reduce the amount of maintenance required

Also included in the supply is new equipment to allow the existing blood drying plant to be converted to the Rendertech Blood Processing System (BPS). Removing the direct fired drier and replacing it with a Rendertech Contact Drier will remove a significant odour source.

The supplied equipment includes:

Rendertech proudly manufacture all of our equipment in New Zealand.

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