Fine Crusher

Fine Crusher

The Rendertech Fine Crusher is a secondary sizing machine following a Breaker. It produces an optimum particle size for most low-temperature rendering systems and for high-temperature continuous dry rendering. The main advantages of a smaller particle size are an increased plant capacity, improved meal quality, lower energy use, and reduced plant maintenance.

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Improved plant capacity
The smaller particle size from a fine crusher leads to an increase in plant capacity.

Better quality products

For some raw materials, a smaller particle size leads to an improved end-product quality, particularly for meat and bonemeal.

Lower operating and maintenance costs
A smaller particle size means less wear and tear on other equipment, reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Robust construction
The machine is incredibly robust, equipped with individual drives on each breaker shaft for greater control and less wear and tear on the machine. A rotation monitor continuously monitors the shaft speed and automatically reverses the motors to clear blockages. No operator intervention is required.

We can configure the width and number of teeth on the cutting knives to optimise the particle size for any given application.

Ease of maintenance
The teeth on the cutting knives can be built up in-situ as required. Individual replacement cutting knives are available, as are complete shaft assemblies.



  • Variable number of cutting faces 
  • Variable speed drives 
  • Control system 
  • Gearbox monitoring