The Rendertech Precooker is a steam-heated, indirect disc cooker used for heating meat and poultry co-products prior to mechanical dewatering and further processing. The Precooker uses a horizontal shell with a steam-heated hollow disc rotor for heating and transport of the product along the length of the Precooker. The Precooker rapidly heats the material to coagulate the proteins and break down the fat cells without harsh agitation. The temperature is automatically controlled by a steam modulating valve.

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Automated control
This flexible and fully automatic machine is very simple to operate. It is well-designed and requires minimal operator input, even when handling difficult and sticky products.

Low maintenance
The Precooker uses robust construction and standard components. Hinged covers along the full length of the shell allow easy inspection and cleaning. A dump valve at the base allows for complete emptying and cleanout.

Low rotation speed
The low rotation speed means reduced wear on the machine and produces less product ‘fines’.

Odour control
The Precooker is fully sealed to capture odours and vapours, and has a flanged nozzle for connection to your odour control system.


  • Drainer conveyor 
  • Gearbox condition monitoring 
  • Platforms and structures 
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel