Contact Drier

Contact Drier

The Rendertech Contact Drier (CD) is an indirect steam-heated, continuous drier for drying a variety of granular and fluid products. The construction consists of a horizontal shell with disc rotor for heating and transport of the product. The rotor comprises a tubular shaft carrying a number of steam-heated hollow discs. Fitted to the edge of the discs are agitator blades to transport the material along the drier. The design provides a large heating area in a compact footprint.

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Simple to operate and maintain
Occasional monitoring by operators is all that is required.

Low maintenance costs
Simple design and robust construction ensures minimum maintenance requirements: most tasks can be completed between production runs. The CD utilises industry-standard proprietary components, and removable covers provide convenient access for inspection.

Handles difficult materials
The disc construction allows effective processing of a variety of materials – from free-flowing granular to sticky – with the proven tapered disc design minimising product hold-ups. Disc driers produce a consistent finished product.

Reduced energy consumption
The large heating surface area in a compact machine means high thermal efficiency with reduced heat loss. When used with a waste heat evaporator, waste energy can be recovered for hot water generation, and lost product can be recovered back into the process.

Designed to suit your requirements
Each machine is specified to the user’s requirements. Stainless steel can be utilised for increased operation life, and 6 bar or 8 bar steam pressure designs are both available.

Odour control
The disc drier is fully sealed, so that all odours and vapours are captured. Vapour from the drier exhaust is predominantly water vapour with a small amount of air, so volumes to condense and deodorise are small.


  • Carbon steel or stainless steel or combination of both 
  • Combination of thicknesses of materials 
  • Platforms and structures 
  • Control system 
  • Gearbox condition monitoring 
  • Illuminated viewing ports 
  • Top or side entry 
  • Heated jacket