Continuous Dry Rendering

Continuous Dry Rendering

The Rendertech Continuous Dry Rendering System (CDR) is a dry rendering process suitable for plant capacities of 2 tonne/hr and above. It handles a wide range of raw materials and is a simple but flexible process. Compared to batch systems, Rendertech’s continuous system can significantly reduce energy and labour requirements. At the heart of the Rendertech CDR system is the Rendertech Continuous Cooker.

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  • Simple to operate.
  • Low agitation through use of a disc cooker produces less ‘fines’.
  • Lower capital cost but higher operating costs compared with low-temperature rendering.
  • Continuous process.
  • Can be fitted with a Shell and Tube Condenser to produce hot water.
  • Handles difficult and sticky products.


Raw material preparation
Raw material is reduced in size in the Breaker with the pre-broken material.

The prepared raw material is continuously fed to the Rendertech Continuous Cooker, where it is heated by contact with steam-heated discs on a rotating shaft. Heating breaks down the cellular structure, frees the fat, and evaporates the water from the product. The cooked and dried material (crax) – containing fat and protein solids – is continuously discharged from the Continuous Cooker to enter the Percolator. The free fat is drained off in the Percolator, and the solids are then conveyed to the Fat Press, where the remaining fat is pressed out. The defatted solids (meal) are ready for milling and screening.

Tallow refining
The fat from the Press and Percolator is pumped to the Decanter where the fine solids are separated. These fine solids are mixed with the crax before pressing, and the fat is pumped to the Separator where it is ‘polished’ by removal of the remaining moisture and fine solids. The polished tallow is then pumped to storage.

Ancillary equipment
Rendertech can provide ancillary equipment to suit the specific requirements of your site, including raw material preparation and storage, conveying, meal milling and storage, tallow storage, steam generation, heat recovery, odour control, and wastewater treatment.


  • Standard designs from 2 to 20 tonne/hr 
  • Flexible layouts to suit available space 
  • Complete turnkey installation