The Rendertech Breaker is a general-purpose sizing machine for the primary breakdown of raw materials. The design and configuration of the machine allow it to be used as a primary breaker and/or a secondary fine crusher. It is designed to be low speed, high torque, low power, and minimal maintenance compared with most alternative options available on the market.

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Robust construction
At 4000–5000kg, this Breaker is built to be solid and robust for its primary size reduction duties. Your plant duty requirements determine the shaft speed and motor power.

The single machine can be configured as either a primary breaker or a secondary fine crusher by selecting the cutting knife width and number of teeth per cutting knife. Through selection of the breaker shaft speed and power, it can handle a broad capacity range.

Rotation monitor
The rotation monitor continuously monitors shaft speed and automatically reverses the motor to clear blockages. This protects the machine from damage without the need for operator intervention.

Replaceable rotating knives
Hardened-steel cutting knives are a slide fit to the shaft and can easily be replaced or relocated, which means there is no need to replace the complete shaft.

Replacement shaft assembly
The machine is designed for quick and easy swapping of shaft assemblies. Shaft assemblies can be supplied for other brands of breaker.

Lower running costs
Due to its low speed and high torque, this Breaker uses less power than other models and requires less maintenance.



  • Variable number of cutting faces 
  • Variable speed drives 
  • Feed chutes and level controllers