Continuous Cooker

Continuous Cooker

The Rendertech Continuous Cooker is used as part of a continuous high-temperature rendering process. Product is heated indirectly with a series of hollow, steam-heated discs mounted on a central rotating shaft. This design gently heats the product with no harsh agitation to ensure efficient separation of the fat from the cake in subsequent processes.

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Robust design
Our Continuous Cookers are a robust and proven design with conservative sizing. The 12mm thick discs and forged steel components ensure a robust, hardwearing machine. We use industry-standard components and have designed duplicate steam traps to allow servicing with no interruption to operations.

Better pressing
Our tapered disc design with proven welded stay pins, is gentle on the product and won’t produce excess product fines, leading to better pressing.

Level adjustment
The pneumatically operated side outlet weir and speed adjustable bottom discharge screw provide for easy level control inside the cooker.

Odour control
The Cooker is fully sealed with multiple vapour outlets to capture and remove vapour quickly for more efficient heating.

Generate hot water
The drier exhaust comprises predominantly water vapour, so, coupled with a Rendertech Shell and Tube Condenser, you can capture and produce hot water.

Reduce energy
You can reduce your energy requirements and increase throughput by installing a Precooker and Waste Heat Evaporator with the Cooker as part of the Rendertech Low Energy Dry Rendering (LEDR) system. 


  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction, or a combination of the two 
  • Platforms and structures 
  • Control system 
  • Gearbox condition monitoring 
  • Illuminated viewing ports 
  • Top or side entry 
  • Side or bottom discharge