Continuous Feather Processing System

Continuous Feather Processing System

Feathers can be processed by the Rendertech Continuous Feather Processing System (CFPS) to produce a protein-rich meal with high digestibility. The continuous process is suitable for raw material capacities of 3 tonne/hr and above. The system, which is based on the Rendertech Continuous Feather Hydrolyser (CFH), produces high-quality feather meal, is energy efficient, and requires minimal labour to operate.

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  • Low steam and electricity consumption.
  • Continuous, automated system requiring minimal labour.
  • Fully enclosed system for odour capture and treatment.
  • Consistently high-quality meal.
  • Compact plant layout.
  • Low maintenance.


Raw feathers are conveyed via a metal detector to the Continuous Feather Hydrolyser. The feed hopper has a pressing section incorporated to expel free water and reduce processing costs. The Hydrolyser heats the feathers by steam injection and a heated jacket, with the pressure automatically controlled to optimise digestibility and protein content.

Following hydrolysation, the feathers are continuously discharged and conveyed via a pipeline to the Contact Drier, where they are dried to 8% moisture content. The meal from the Drier is continuously discharged ready for milling and storage before despatch.

Ancillary equipment
Rendertech can provide ancillary equipment to suit the specific requirements of your site, including raw material preparation and storage, conveying, meal milling and storage, steam generation, heat recovery, odour control, and wastewater treatment.


  • Standard designs from 3 to 10 tonne/hr 
  • Flexible layouts to suit available space 
  • Complete turnkey installation