Continuous Feather Hydrolyser

Continuous Feather Hydrolyser

The Rendertech Continuous Feather Hydrolyser converts poultry feathers and hog hair into a highly nutritional animal feed. It is simple to operate and maintain with automated controls. Features include an integrated drainer section in the feeder to remove excess water and thus improve efficiency. The steam-heated jacket and direct steam injection produce a consistant finished product.

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Product quality
A combination of short retention time and high pressure ensures the best combination of digestibility and protein levels. Continuous operation assures consistent high quality and amino acid profile.

High efficiency
The Hydrolyser includes a pressing stage in the feed hopper to expel free water and ensure energy is not wasted on processing excess water. The discharge system from the hydrolyser results in a high level of flash steam. This gives a drier product at discharge and reduces drying costs downstream. Electrical power consumption is low in relation to production. External insulation is supplied as standard.

Simple operation
The Hydrolyser is continuous and fully automated, from the controls through to the feed plug management, and so requires minimal operator monitoring.

Low maintenance
The high-strength carbon steel shaft has stainless steel cladding, and all internal surfaces are stainless steel for easy cleaning and extended life. This makes for a proven reliable design with minimal maintenance.

Odour control
The fully sealed inlet and outlet of the Hydrolyser ensures simple capture and treatment of vapour and odours.

The hydrolysed feathers are discharged into a hopper before feeding to a rotary or steam-heated disc drier.