Waste Heat Evaporator

Waste Heat Evaporator

Rendertech evaporators, when used in rendering and fishmeal industries, maximise the return from raw materials, increase plant yields and eliminate a high-strength wastewater stream. Our Waste Heat Evaporator is a falling film-type evaporator operating under a vacuum. Simple and robust construction makes it very easy to operate and maintain.

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Shell and tube construction
Full stainless steel shell and tube construction means long life, reduced fouling, and easier and less frequent cleaning.

Waste heat utilisation for energy efficiency
The Evaporator is powered by waste energy – the vapour-rich mixture from a Contact Drier or equivalent – making it incredibly energy efficient.

Falling film principle
Process liquor is pumped to the top of the evaporator tubes and distributed to the individual tubes. The liquor forms a thin film as it flows down the inside of the tubes. Vapour from the drier is ducted to the outside of the tubes and the heat is transferred to the liquor. The high liquor recirculation rates reduce fouling.

Free hot water
The vapour produced by evaporation is ducted to the Vacuum Condenser, where it can produce potable hot water up to 55°C.

Multiple effects and customised design
Evaporators can be supplied with one, two or three effects. The optimum selection will depend on the waste heat available and liquor to be concentrated. We can also provide Evaporators using the ‘forced flash’ principle where higher concentrations are required.

Automatic control
Automatic control and monitoring allows all operating adjustments at the control panel and minimises labour requirements.



  • Multiple effects 
  • CIP systems 
  • Force flash stage 
  • Structures, platforms, access ladders 
  • Evaporative cooling towers