SKIOLD – Hammermill

SKIOLD – Hammermill

Skiold Hammermills are our recommendation for blood meal and feather meal applications. A built-in fan allows the Skiold Hammermill to convey meal through pipework, as well as carry out the milling. This has the additional advantage of cooling the meal in the process. The simple but robust construction of the mill enables it to be accommodated into most existing systems. Depending on the application and mill selected, meal can be conveyed up to 80 metres.

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Reduced equipment
A Skiold Hammermill removes the need for screw conveyors to transfer the finished meal to your meal bin. The compact size of the mill allows it to be accommodated into almost any system.

Reduced maintenance
These mills have a simple design with minimal components. With fewer parts to break down, and wearing parts made of quality material, servicing of the mill is kept to a minimum.

Easily serviced
Wearing parts such as hammers, fan wings, screens and protection liners are easily replaced. Hammers can be reversed and flipped to give four times the life.

The range of screens covers hole sizes from 1mm to 8mm, allowing wide options for meal structure.


  • Mill feeders
  • Blow lines and swept bends
  • Discharge cyclones and bagging bins