Rendering Vessel

Rendering Vessel

The Rendertech Rendering Vessel is designed to be used as a component of the Rendertech Centrifuge Dewatering System – a continuous low-temperature rendering process. While the steam coil provides indirect heat, the impellers provide intense mixing to ensure fast and efficient heating. All models are insulated for energy efficiency, and our larger models are fitted with an additional steam-heated jacket to maximise their heating capacity.

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Odour control
The Rendering Vessel is fully enclosed to capture odours and vapours. It features a flanged nozzle for connection to the odour control system.

Automated control
Steam flow is automatically controlled and self-adjusting to meet changes in raw material throughput while maintaining the temperature set point.

Replaceable impellers
Impellers are a high-wear item for any Rendering Vessel, so our impellers are designed to be changed out easily and quickly for maximum plant efficiency.

Robust construction
The Vessel is designed and built for a long life using industry-standard components. Stainless steel is used throughout.

All our Rendering Vessels are well insulated for heat efficiency and operator safety, and guarding prevents contact with moving parts.


  • Platform and support structures 
  • Feed pumps 
  • Control systems