MAGNATTACK™ – MAG-RAM™ Magnetic Separator

MAGNATTACK™ – MAG-RAM™ Magnetic Separator

Random pieces of metal can accidentally find their way into finished meals, causing product contamination, product recall, or injury to pets and livestock. The increased scrutiny on foreign materials in animal feed means processing plants need preventative controls to ensure products are safe. The Australian-manufactured Self-Cleaning MAG-RAM™ is an automatic grate magnet that removes metals – including stainless steel – from feed to meet your customers’ specifications.

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Enhanced food safety controls
Compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.

Removes stainless steel
Powerful 11,000-gauss magnets will remove even weakly magnetic materials, such as work-hardened stainless steel, drench capsule springs, and tramp metal. The 50mm diameter magnet bars in MAG-RAM™ equipment give a large product contact area.

Hygienic, self-cleaning magnets
Each magnet is the ram of a pneumatic cylinder. These bars automatically retract and are wiped clean by tight wiper seals. The design avoids the jamming issues experienced with conventional systems, and the magnets retract one at a time to maintain maximum coverage across the product.

Easy to retrofit
The MAG-RAM™ can be retrofitted into any system by installing it into a chute. All that’s required is a power supply and compressed air supply.

Custom sizes
Units can be sized to suit existing chutes and hoppers and replace existing low-strength or inefficient grate magnet configurations.

Withstands abrasive meal
The bars incrementally rotate every time they retract to ensure even wear.