KASON – Vibroscreen® Screen Separator

KASON – Vibroscreen® Screen Separator

The original Kason Vibroscreen® Circular Screen Separators have been manufactured since 1967 and are the industry standard when it comes to classifying solids and separating solids from liquids. The self-contained, compact, production machines make precise mechanical separations. One to five screen surfaces are superimposed to make accurate separations ranging from 51mm to 0.035mm (400 mesh). They are designed and built to solve the most difficult classifying, separating and dewatering problems.

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Reduced screen blinding
Use of a ball tray or Kleen Screen Rings beneath the screen prevents near-size particles or fibrous matter from blinding the screen. It does so by continuously impacting against the screen to remove particles.

Reduced odour impact
Fitting the Kason Screen with a cover and odour connection allows all vapours and odours to be captured and treated in your odour control system. This is especially beneficial in hot liquid applications, such as floater screens.

Easy to install and maintain
The stand-alone design of the Kason Screen Separator means it doesn’t require any support structure – it can simply be wheeled into place. Its clamshell design allows screens to be quickly removed and replaced.

Increased throughput
Simply adjusting the motor weight positions allows the operator to control the flow of material across the screen. By separately adjusting horizontal, vertical and tangential movement, maximum efficiency can be gained for the material being screened.

Safety first
Kason equipment is designed with an emphasis on prevention of injury to operators and maintenance personnel. One of the most significant areas is the gyrator access door. A unique safety interlock mechanism automatically cuts the power to the gyrator motor as the door opens, preventing any possibility of worker injury.


  • Sizes from 24” to 72” diameter (600–1800mm)
  • Varying mesh screens
  • Ball trays
  • Kleen Screen Ring assemblies
  • Covers