Fish Cooker

Fish Cooker

The Rendertech Fish Cooker is an indirect steam cooker used for processing high-yield raw materials. Its gentle screw rotor and even heating action ensure raw material structure is maintained during processing, leading to better pressing and better separation of solids, oil and water. The slow rotation speed makes the process very gentle on raw material.

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Better oil separation
Gentle conveyance through the Cooker by the heated screw rotor means no harsh agitation and therefore better oil separation.

Robust design
The 12mm-thick tapered rotor flights and forged steel components ensure a robust, hardwearing machine. Top tier industry-standard components mean lower maintenance costs.

Heat efficiency
The heated jacket is externally insulated for heat efficiency and safety.

Minimal operator input
Automatic steam valves and Rendertech control systems ensure minimum operator input. The discharge weir design provides for a constant material level inside the Cooker.

Extra capacity
According to needs, we can add direct steam injection to the Fish Cooker for increased throughputs, or add the option to process frozen raw material.


  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Direct steam injection to allow processing of frozen raw material 
  • Discharge Conveyors or pumping system 
  • Access platform