With almost 40 years’ experience in engineering, and 35 years’ design experience across a range of heavy engineering industries, my role is to design new equipment and provide detailed 3D technical drawings for fabrication. I take great pride in refining product designs down to simple and elegant solutions that are fit-for-purpose, safe for operators, energy-efficient and easy to maintain. If I see room for a product improvement, I’ll nut out the concept with the process engineer.

I am very focused on the detail and performance of the equipment we design and manufacture. As a qualified toolmaker and mechanical engineer, I picture the products both in terms of the practicalities in manufacturing and their efficiency and operation on the plant floor. A successful product and system is a balance of cost and performance, and I look to optimise the two. After adopting 3D modelling software in 2000, in 2006 I moved exclusively to SolidWorks.

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