james Richardson

I work across a range of engineering solutions for clients, matching business goals to plant design including proprietary and manufactured equipment specification. Projects range from large-scale, new-build rendering plants and wastewater treatment systems to retrofits and servicing of existing plants and the designing and commissioning of bulk storage tanks. It’s wide-ranging and interesting work. My focus is to develop tailored solutions for the best outcomes in product quality, productivity, running costs, health and safety, and environmental impact.

I began my engineering career 18 years ago armed with a Bachelor of Technology (manufacturing and industrial technology) from Massey University. I have been with Rendertech since 2013 where my focus is to analyse the big picture of a plant’s performance and be a true strategic technology partner, helping clients make the right decision for the best overall long-term returns. I know I’ve done my job when I see my customers make genuine gains in plant productivity.

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