Twin Screw Presses

Twin Screw Presses

The Twin Screw Press is a key component of the Press Dewatering System (PDS) and ensures effective separation of the liquid and solid phases of cooked or preheated material. For improved plant performance and lower steam requirements, it’s critical that the water and fat content of the resulting press cake is as low as possible. Rendertech supply and support all major Twin Screw Presses operating in the Australasian region. Each design suits different applications and we will specify the best machine for your process needs.

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Presses that work
The presses are designed specifically for rendering applications to maximise de-watering and de-oiling. Our designs are well proven and have been used in Australasia for many years.

Increased fat recovery
These presses achieve extremely dry press cakes using counter-rotating screws with reducing pitch. The high compression strength of these presses results in increased fat recovery from the press cake.

Low power consumption
The resulting dry press cake means energy savings on subsequent drying processes.

Robust design, low maintenance
Built with stainless steel or mild steel, and operating at low rotational speeds, these Twin Screw Presses are very easy to operate and maintain.


  • Solids screw in bottom tray
  • A range of drainer plate hole sizes to suit raw material
  • Varying compression ratios to suit raw material
  • Infeed screw conveyors and chutes
  • Automation and control packages to ensure constant pressing


  • Rendertech can provide spares for all major brands of Twin Screw Presses including gearbox parts, drainer plates and screws.
  • We also offer a complete overhaul service, including rebuilding worn screws.