TANK CONNECTION – Liquid Storage Tanks

TANK CONNECTION – Liquid Storage Tanks

Rendertech is the regional agent for Tank Connection, the international tank designer and manufacturer of premium bolted-steel RTP (rolled, tapered panel) liquid storage tanks. The modular construction of RTP steel tanks means they can be factory-coated in durable fusion-bond epoxy or glass-fused-steel porcelain enamel, before being shipped worldwide. We liaise with the manufacturer to design tanks to fit your requirements for wastewater, fire protection, and municipal or industrial storage applications.

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Any size and dimensions
The flexibility of bolted tanks means they can be built in any size up to 30,000m³. The diameter and height of the tanks is selected to suit the application and available space.

Repairable coatings
Fusion-bond epoxy is factory-applied in a controlled environment with a full Quality Assurance programme. In the event of any damage, the epoxy can be easily and seamlessly touched up on-site. It is even possible to fully recoat a tank later in life. By comparison, glass-coated tanks cannot be repaired or recoated, and the glass system is prone to cracking and spalling, particularly around the boltholes.

Safe erection methods
Rendertech provide a full installation service for bolted tanks. We erect the tanks from ‘top down’, using our own jacking system. The roof is built first, then lifted to allow the wall panels to be installed, continuing until the erection is complete.

Choice of concrete floor or steel floor
Tank Connection tanks can be constructed with a steel or concrete floor. The best option depends on the tank contents and location.

Quick and easy to erect
Factory fabrication and coating means onsite work is limited to assembly.


  • Roof or open top
  • Aluminium geodesic domes for larger tanks
  • Concrete or steel floor
  • Internal and external pipework