TANK CONNECTION – Geodesic Domes

TANK CONNECTION – Geodesic Domes

Rendertech is the regional agent for Tank Connection, the international tank designer and manufacturer of bolted-steel RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tanks, silos, and Geodesic Domes. Geodesic Domes are self-supporting circular roofs constructed fully of aluminium. They can be installed on bolted-steel tanks and silos, welded-steel tanks, and concrete tanks, both new and existing.

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Domes to fit any size of tank
The dome design is flexible and can be manufactured to fit any diameter of roof up to and even over 100m.

Made from aluminium, the domes are corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Materials and componentry are designed for an extended service life.

Retrofit to existing tanks
Stand-alone domes can be designed and fitted to existing tanks. Whether the tank is steel or concrete, a dome can be designed to replace an existing roof or cover an existing tank.

Quick and simple erection
The domes are fully fabricated in a state-of-the art workshop. They arrive on-site ready for assembly, requiring no local fabrication. Being quick and simple to erect, they save time and money on-site.

Precision engineering
Tank Connection have ISO9001 Certified facilities in the USA and use the latest 3D computer modelling technology and fabrication equipment to design and manufacture high-quality precision domes.


  • Vents
  • Access ways and walkways
  • Build in place or crane-lift into place
  • Wall extensions
  • External coatings for colour matching