Shell & Tube Condenser

Shell & Tube Condenser

Rendertech manufacture high-quality Shell and Tube Condensers for all rendering applications including Batch Cookers, Continuous Cookers and Driers, and Vacuum Condensers for Evaporators. Our Condensers are used for heat recovery applications or in conjunction with cooling towers. We also build hybrid condensers cooled using a cooling tower that also have an ‘on demand’ heat recovery section to produce hot water.

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Compact and low maintenance
The freestanding, vertical design provides ‘subcooled’ condensate in a compact plan area. The tube-side condensing minimises fouling and is easy to clean and inspect. Full stainless steel construction means simple maintenance and a long lifespan, with steel grades selected to suit your application.

Optimal heat transfer
The shell-side water flow path is optimised for heat transfer by efficient placement of baffle plates.

Free hot water, thermal insulation
When it is used for hot water recovery, a Condenser can produce hot water up to 85°C using waste heat from your process. Heat recovery condensers are insulated for high thermal efficiency.

Custom design for optimal performance
While we have a standard range of sizes, details of each unit are optimised for their specific duty to ensure maximum performance.


  • Construction materials 
  • Fans and pumps 
  • Insulation 
  • Disentrainment cyclones 
  • Control systems 
  • CIP systems