Polymer Makeup Unit

Polymer Makeup Unit

The Rendertech Polymer Make-up Unit (PMU) is a self-contained package unit for the automatic dissolution and dosing of polymers from solid powders. The unit has two tanks for separate mixing and dosing, allowing continuous operation. Polymer powder is metered into the mixing tank and mixed with water through a wetting device. After an aging period, the polymer is transferred to the dosing tank and dosed to the process by metering pumps.

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Minimal operator input
Fully automated batch make-up and dosing. Level controls and adjustable speed pumps ensure minimal operator input.

Fully contained – no other equipment required
The PMU includes dosing pumps for dosing polymer into your process with an integrated carrier water system to ensure effective polymer use. Onboard calibration systems ensure easy set-up and verification of your dosing rate.

Plug and play
The Rendertech PMU is fully constructed from stainless steel. It is self-contained, with all components mounted on a single compact base-frame. The unit comes piped and wired so that minimal installation work is required.


  • Single or multiple dosing pumps
  • Access platforms
  • Control system