JS PROPUTEC – Raw Material Pump

JS PROPUTEC – Raw Material Pump

The JS Lamella Pump by JS Proputec A/S is designed to pump pre-broken raw materials from meat processing plants. It also comfortably pumps fish and poultry products. The pump has few moving parts and a low rotation speed – typically, 1 rpm equates to 1 tonne of raw material pumping capacity. The raw material is pumped in an enclosed pipe to minimise odour, and we can configure the pump system to have minimal operational labour requirements.

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Lower running costs
No added water is required to pump the raw material, although it can pump water if required. The low rotation speed means less wear and tear on the pump and low energy consumption compared with many alternative raw material conveying systems.

Higher capacity
Suitable for most raw material conveying system requirements within Australasia. For example, 1–30 tonnes per hour is the nominal capacity range with the 350 model pump.

The toughest jobs
High-quality steel makes the JS Lamella Pump exceptionally strong and hard-wearing. All wearing parts are replaceable, and mechanical seals ensure a long life for the bearings and wear rings.

Reduces odours
The pump and pipeline are much easier to clean than screw conveyors. The enclosed piping system means the raw material isn’t open to the environment, therefore reducing odour issues.

Health & safety
By not using compressed air to propel the raw material, aerosols containing zoonotic diseases are not discharged into the atmosphere.


  • Feed hoppers
  • Pipelines
  • Divert valves