EKOSEP – Gravity Belt Thickener

EKOSEP – Gravity Belt Thickener

EKOSEP Gravity Belt Thickeners (GBT) are used to dewater sludge with a dry solids content of 0.5–1.5%, reducing its volume before further processing or disposal. The sludge–polymer mix is spread across a moving belt where free water drains through the belt. Ploughs move the sludge from side to side, forming furrows for liquid separation and maximum dewatering. EKOSEP Belt Thickeners are available in a range of standard sizes up to 2.6m wide.

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Long lasting
Frame, rollers and trays are all made of stainless steel. Removable side covers allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to operate
Pneumatic belt tensioning and belt alignment systems are easy to adjust and maintain. Electric limit switches protect the belts in the event of severe belt misalignment, and the belt speed is adjustable via a VSD to give control over the process. Continuous belt washing with high-pressure spray nozzles ensures that the belt is kept clean for effective dewatering.

Plug and play
EKOSEP Gravity Belt Thickeners
 come complete with factory-assembled internal wiring and piping for easy installation.


  • Feed pumps
  • Polymer dosing systems
  • Dynamic flocculators