Dissolved Air Module

Dissolved Air Module

The Rendertech Dissolved Air Module (DAS) is an efficient, simple, and compact dissolved air generator for use with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems in water and wastewater treatment. This module has a multiphase pump to produce a super-saturated dissolved air solution without the need for compressed air. Recycled water and air are drawn into the pump, and the special impeller dissolves the air in the water before it is piped to a saturation vessel and then on to the flotation tank.

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For new plants or retrofits
The module can be incorporated into new plants or fitted as an upgrade to existing dissolved and dispersed air systems to improve their performance.

Better flotation
The dissolved air solution produced by the Rendertech DAS with its multiphase pump ensures that there are clouds of microbubbles in the flotator. These microbubbles ensure the best separation of solids from liquids in the flotator. With no large air bubbles, the sludge layer stays intact.

Plug and play
The Rendertech DAS comes complete with saturation vessel, interconnecting pipework and instruments all mounted on a compact base-frame, ready for installation into your system.

Low maintenance and long life
The Rendertech Dissolved Air Module has only one multiphase centrifugal pump. There are no air compressors, solenoids or automated valves to maintain. The special design allows pumping of an air/water mixture that quickly damages standard pumps.

No compressed air required
Compressed air is expensive to produce, and air compressors require a higher level of maintenance. Removing the need for compressed air reduces both operating and maintenance costs. The multiphase pumps are also simple to operate.

Simple and energy efficient
As the Rendertech DAS doesn’t require compressed air, the power consumption is less than a conventional dissolved air system. The multiphase pumps are also simple to operate.


  • Instrumentation
  • Duty/standby pumps