Dissolved Air Flotator

Dissolved Air Flotator

The Rendertech Dissolved Air Flotator is the central component of a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system and they are normally sold together. It is constructed from stainless steel and comes in a standard range of sizes suitable for throughputs ranging from 10m³/hr to 250m³/hr. Its rectangular design provides laminar hydraulic flow and effective separation of solids from the liquid phase. Rendertech flotators are designed for unmanned operation and for producing a sludge with high solids content.

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Less cleaning
The (optional) bottom scraper ensures that heavy solids are automatically removed without the need for taking the DAF out of service for cleaning. A build-up of heavy solids in the bottom of the Flotator leads to an odour issue as the biological contents start to decompose.

Sludge with higher solids content
The large surface area of a Rendertech DAF produces sludge with a high solids content to reduce the cost of disposal. A larger surface area provides more drying time to dewater the sludge before it is scraped into the sludge hopper. Adjustable scraper settings and water height gives the operator the ability to optimise sludge dewatering. Depending on the waste stream, dry solids of 10–15% is achievable.

Handles difficult waste streams
Some waste steams (such as at dairy factories) produce a sludge that is highly variable and delicate. The lower hydraulic velocities within a Rendertech Flotator allow these sludges to float to the top and be removed effectively.

Unmanned operation
Rendertech Flotators are fully automatic and require only occasional operator input.


  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plants complete with dissolved air systems, chemical dosing, balance tanks and sludge storage
  • Bottom scraper and automatic sludge removal
  • Bird covers
  • Access platforms