CSE BLISS – Hammermill

CSE BLISS – Hammermill

CSE Bliss Manufacturing (Oklahoma) is the same Bliss family who designed and manufactured the original Bliss Industries Hammermill. Founded by second-and third-generation family members, the new range of hammermills has been developed with knowledge and experience gathered over 40 years. They are stronger, space saving, and quieter, and they use the longer-lasting Hardox® steel. The variety of sizes means we can meet your size reduction needs.

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Easy maintenance
Slide-away doors provide full access to the grinding chamber for easy maintenance.

Space saving
CSE Bliss Hammermills
 have a smaller footprint than other models.

Longer life
Heavy mill construction – with housings made of heavy duty 10–25mm A36 steel plate – means a long life, reduced noise, and an improved seal between screen and screen carriage. The hammers have hard facings and last up to two times longer than hardened or heat-treated steel hammers.

Hardox® steel
This mill has a large number of replaceable internal wear parts manufactured from the longer-lasting Hardox® steel.

Precision-balanced rotors
Rotors are machined and balanced with spanner nuts in the factory. This is done at operating speed to run the bearings in and ensure any vibration is within tolerance, for a problem-free start-up when installed in your plant. Spare hammers are supplied in balanced sets to ensure smooth running when the hammers come to be replaced.

Spare parts for old and new models
In addition to supplying new machines, we stock replacement parts for CSE Bliss Hammermills and Bliss Hammermills.