Continuous Wool Hydrolyser

Continuous Wool Hydrolyser

The Rendertech Continuous Wool Hydrolyser breaks down wool adhered to sheep heads, feet and skin pieces prior to rendering. Hydrolysing is achieved by immersing the woolly material in a heated caustic bath. The temperature, caustic concentration and holding time are all automatically controlled to maintain the correct degree of hydrolysation. This hydrolyser has proven to be particularly effective when used in low-temperature and continuous dry rendering plants, where it significantly reduces the quantity of fibre in meal and bonemeal.

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Fully automatic for unattended operation
Operator demands are minimal, thanks to automatic temperature control with modulating steam control valve, caustic concentration measurement with automatic caustic dosing, and automatic liquid level control.

Odour control
Fully enclosed, with odour extraction points for connection to your odour control system.

Simple and robust construction
Built to last, using industry-standard components.

Reduced fibre in meal
The reduced fibre volume in the finished meal keeps your product within specification. It also reduces the load on the meal mill and the meal screen. With the wool fibre removed, you will have reduced plant wear, power consumption, and maintenance costs.


  • Drainer section 
  • Spray clean section 
  • Caustic handling and dosing system