The Rendertech Coagulator is a continuous inline coagulator for blood and other high-protein liquid streams. Direct steam injection coagulates the proteins to allow the solids to be mechanically separated from the liquid with further processing. The Coagulator is a compact unit, with multiple injectors to ensure even coagulation.

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Compact and simple
The Coagulator is installed in your pipework and requires only a steam supply. It has no moving parts and no drives.

Easy to clean
Constructed from stainless steel, the Coagulator can be mechanically cleaned in place to clear any blocked injectors.

Coagulate difficult liquid streams
Some models of Rendertech Coagulators are designed to operate above 100°C. These can be used on certain sludges and other difficult-to-coagulate liquid streams.


  • Steam control valves 
  • Control system 
  • Feed pumps 
  • CIP systems