Case Study

Proteins Australia, NSW Australia

Low-temperature rendering for fishmeal and fish oil

Application: Fishmeal Plant
Location: Moruya, NSW Australia

Proteins Australia operates a fish-processing plant in the NSW seaside town of Moruya. The company processes mackerel caught off the coast into high-quality fish oil and fishmeal for Tasmanian salmon farms.


The company’s legacy high-temperature rendering plant was originally designed to process beef, so it struggled to produce a saleable fish oil. As a thermal process, it also had high energy costs. Proteins Australia contacted us to review their technology with the goal to produce higher-quality oil and fishmeal, with greater energy efficiency.


As low-temperature rendering innovators, we have been designing and manufacturing fishmeal-processing plants for over 33 years. Our Press Dewatering System is well-proven and liked in the market, and Proteins Australia decided it was the best solution for their needs.

The new system has been incorporated alongside parts of their existing plant to minimise costs and keep within the available footprint.

A Rendertech Fishcooker heats the raw material to rupture the fat cells and coagulate the proteins. After going through a drainer conveyor to remove free liquid, the cooker material is pressed in a twin-screw press to remove fat and water.

Solids are then transferred to a Rendertech Steam Heated Contact Drier for drying. Liquids from the press are processed through a three-phase decanter for separating out water, oil, and solid phases. The oil is then polished in a centrifugal separator. The water phase is concentrated using a Rendertech Waste Heat Evaporator before being returned to the drier to recover valuable protein, which is incorporated into the meal.

Rendertech designed and manufactured the system, and then provided the necessary design information and guidance to allow Proteins Australia’s own engineers to carry out the installation. Since commissioning the plant, Proteins Australia has seen lower energy costs, higher-value products and higher throughput. Our team has provided ongoing support to help them fine-tune the process and make the best fish products available.

Equipment used
Rendertech Fishcooker, Rendertech Steam Heated Contact Drier, Rendertech Waste Heat Evaporator