Case Study

Tauranga City Council, Tauranga NZ

Eastern Reservoir potable water storage tanks & geodesic dome

Rendertech supplied and installed a 10,000m3 potable-water tank to meet the needs of Tauranga’s booming population. We specified a bolted-steel RTP (rolled, tapered panel) liquid storage tank from Tank Connection for its fast and efficient installation and its premium factory-finish coating.


The port city of Tauranga is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the Papamoa area, which means lots more water is required to meet rising demand. As part of a wider strategy to update and expand its water infrastructure, Tauranga City Council contracted Rendertech to construct its Eastern Reservoir 10,000m3 storage tank. It is one of two tanks that we have supplied to Tauranga.


The new tank naturally had to meet council requirements, but to add further complexity the site was archaeologically important. We worked with US-based Tank Connection to design and fabricate the steel tank and its accompanying aluminium geodesic dome. A New Zealand Chartered Professional Engineer verified the design to ensure it complied with local regulations.

With a diameter of 40m and a wall height of 9m, the tank has steel walls, steel floor and aluminium roof. All components are NSF certified for use with potable water.

Rendertech subcontracted the civil works to RZG Construction of Mt Maunganui, who handled the final excavation and constructed the concrete foundation. Throughout the $2m project we worked closely with Tiaki Engineering Consultants, the council’s representative.

Factory finish, easy install

Modular, factory-finished RTP tank panels ensured a controlled, high-quality coating, and spared the need for any on-site painting. Erecting the tank was a ‘top-down’ process using Rendertech’s hydraulic jacking system. This kept working at heights to a minimum, and also meant little heavy machinery at the site. The aluminium dome provided a strong, lightweight and self-supporting structure that was easy to install.

The completed tank has minimal impact on the landscape while supplying Tauranga with 10 million litres of potable fresh water.

Equipment used
RTP steel tank, aluminium geodesic roof.