Case studies


The Alliance Group has installed a new Rendertech plant at the company’s Lorneville site near Invercargill. The plant processes 12.5 tonnes per hour of ovine raw material through a Rendertech low-temperature press dewatering system incorporating a Rendertech pre-cooker, twin-screw press and Rendertech contact drier.

The installation includes a Rendertech waste-heat evaporator to concentrate stick water which is dried along with the mainstream solids in the drier. The Rendertech waste-heat evaporator improves product recovery and the process is virtually ‘zero waste’ resulting in higher product yields.

The installation also includes a Rendertech-designed biofilter for treatment of equipment air. Rendertech currently have under construction the second stage of the installation: a Rendertech 10 t/hr bovine press dewatering system. The plant will process about 40,000 tonnes of ovine and 25,000 tonnes of bovine raw material per year. Ovine and bovine materials are segregated to produce separate ovine and bovine meals. Alliance Group Processing Manager Kerry Stevens said that the new rendering plant is the largest single investment at the Lorneville site for more than a decade.

The project was planned with the expectation of saving 9,000 tonnes of lignite/coal and more than 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The energy savings to date have contributed to Alliance’s 25% reduction in energy use over the last 5 years and the associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Aiann Cairns the Group Energy Management Co-ordinator for Alliance Group said “we have a good working relationship with Rendertech and know their equipment well. They support their product range and they can offer a complete solution.” The rendering project at Lorneville is a continuation of the company’s commitment to cleaner production, improved product quality and yields while minimising their operating costs.