Case studies

Rural Delivery

Tour of the Lorneville Alliance Rendering plant made by Rural Delivery and New Zealand on Air. The plant features industry leading Rendertech plants and equipment.


The Alliance Group has installed a new Rendertech plant at the company’s Lorneville site near Invercargill. The plant processes 12.5 tonnes per hour of ovine raw material through a Rendertech low-temperature press dewatering system incorporating a Rendertech pre-cooker, twin-screw press and Rendertech contact drier.


Alliance Group Levin have installed a Rendertech Filter Belt Press to improve the handling of effluent solids. After carrying out an extensive survey of the plants effluent collection, treatment and disposal they confirmed that there were significant opportunities for improvement and asked Rendertech to recommend a solution.


South Canterbury ByProducts relocation to their Timaru site in 2009 bought about a requirement for a new Odour Control and Raw Material Transfer solution, with a key challenge being the 100 metre distance the raw materials were to travel. With a 5-10 metre distance being typical, this presented a significant challenge and whilst they were aware of what a solution might look like based on overseas examples, nothing like it had been attempted at the time in New Zealand.