We help you turn by-products from the ovine, bovine, fish, poultry, and cervine industries into high-quality fats, oils and protein meals. We design systems to meet precise specifications and throughput goals and supply a complete range of equipment for rendering. Most of our products are manufactured locally, augmented with some key imported items for a complete rendering solution and to meet the unique requirements of your plant.

Our focus is high operational performance, fine tuning for energy efficiency, and achieving improved quality and higher product yields. We solve a range of challenges plants might face through their lifetime as equipment ages, raw materials change, and compliance standards become more stringent.



Low temperature rendering

Rendertech’s co-founder Steve Dunn was part of the design team who developed the first low temperature rendering plants in New Zealand. This technology virtually halves the energy used by traditional high temperature plants, improves the quality and throughput, and significantly reduces odour. Today, we are Australasia’s only low temperature rendering specialists.


Features of low temperature rendering

  • Standard design to 25T/hr.
  • Larger plants through customised design.
  • Higher yield.
  • Improved quality end product.
  • Lowered energy use.
  • Reduced environmental impact.




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